Why not start Here?

Maybe for most of us we have to stop waiting for the world to love us.

Planet earth is filled with broken, helpless people. Each one is finding ways to get by and trying their best to survive. Though there are bright souls in every corner of the world, their light could only shine so much. 

Everybody gets a bit of the sun. Maybe for most of us, we have to stop waiting for the world to love us.  Maybe that love should start from within and allowed to flow to someone else’s heart. We can brighten every room we go into, and lighten the load of anyone longing for comfort, companion, or help.

Loving one’s self is not being selfish. It’s respecting who you are and seeing your worth in the eyes of the One who made you.

It’s about cultivating the resources you have, nourishing your unique gifts, and using it to put something good out there in the world.  

When there is genuine self-love, everything we do becomes more than just a product made, a service delivered or a work accomplished. The love itself is channeled into everything we touch, we say, we see or we think. Its what makes: 

  • homemade cakes taste even more delicious, 
  • offering someone a ride becomes a delight, 
  • completing a task becomes more fulfilling with or without the praise.

A sunny day cannot always ease a gloomy heart.  But a heart brimming with fondness and affection can make the air around it feel comforting.

So take care of your heart. Take care of your self. Be your own best friend.  After all, your self is the only person you can never get rid of. So love You!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. 


If you want more love to surround you, let that love begin in you.  It’s not easy, but I promise you it does get better.  We’re:

  • not here to linger on despair, but to hold on to hope,  
  • not to deny our realities but to see the possibilities, 
  • not to live in fear, but to show up for life with its deep valleys and mountain peaks.

The battle is not won out there. It’s won right here, with you, within you.  

Yesterday is already history and tomorrow never really comes. What we get is the certainty and reality of today. Isn’t that amazing?

You get to have today to do your most important work, to care for the needy, to hold out your hand for somebody who may be losing his balance.

You get to have today to say thank you for everything. I hope you don’t miss that.

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