An Exit Door Is An Entry Somewhere

I am thrilled about the possibilities that they could explore, discover and fall in love with.

I saw the quote flash on the screen while waiting for a lift.

An ordinary workday turned interesting as I let those words sink in and nudge me into a pondering state. Undoubtedly, it made perfect sense.

Many times in life, we hold on too long because we’re scared, worried, or anxious. Perhaps we think what we currently have is too good to let go of. We get stuck, unnecessarily, even when circumstances don’t fit anymore to what we deserve or aspire to have.


This is anchored to the kind of mindset we have- one of scarcity. It influences our view of tomorrow. But If we could think of the universe as friendly, that it has our back and desires the good for us, it makes a lot of difference when we’re traveling down a dark path. We get to hold a torch of hope and expectation that life can only get better and we can be excited about it.

A few friends of mine have plans to start over and do something different. In an age where most people are settling for what’s certain and comfortable, it can be a bit scary. But my friends are facing their fears head-on. You’ve heard it once said,

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”. 

Excitement is an understatement.

I am overly thrilled for my friends, for the possibilities that they could explore and discover and fall in love with. One spoke about, putting rest to doubts and second guesses, “I don’t wanna feel safe. I wanna feel like, I’ve done it, you know. To not just dream, but actually live the dream”. When you have conversations like that, your spirit just soars.

It’s never easy to take risks regardless of how calculated those are. Circumstances need to be thought about and one needs to size himself up – how much of the consequence is he willing to take. There’s always one to every decision made. 


Walking through an exit door promises a lot of possibilities. I believe there’s a good reason why life leads us to it. If everything in our past has been building up to this moment, why don’t we just own and embrace it?

A good reminder too is to know that between those doors are significant chapters of our life. So if I were you, I’d make sure to fill those chapters with stories I would want to tell when I am old. We don’t get to stay in those chapters for too long.

A little bit more and an exit door opens. Before we know it, we’re in another time and space creating new memories.


Off you go.

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