She showed up. She stayed. She trusted.

What cripples us the most is imagined fear

That’s what Mary of Magdala did.

Hearing these words from a friend’s bible reflection stung my heart.  

How many times did I show up even if I was afraid, worried, feeling small, or “don’t feel like showing up at all?”. And how many times did I get to say, “Why was I having doubts about it when it had done me a good thing!”.

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. 

Be it by fostering self-limiting beliefs, getting ahead of the situation, or proactively closing every door and locking ourselves in. 

We either tend to overthink or berate ourselves with negative self-talk and wonder why we’ve only crossed a yard when we’re built for miles and miles.

What cripples us the most is imagined fear. It is understandable because most of us desire certainty and control, but showing up can do us good. It may even be the only thing we needed to do to inch forward.  

We need to be active participants in our own lives, not reluctant bystanders.  

This is how it can look like.

  • Praying is showing up.
  • Getting out of bed is showing up.
  • Helping out is showing up.
  • Learning something new is showing up.
  • Being present in the moment is showing up.
  • Trying, doing, and making something better is showing up.

You will only regret the chances you never took or the good things you’ve never put out in the world. Showing up opens doors for you even if, it’s not downright obvious.

Then there’s the “Staying” part.  

Most of us give up too easily. Patience is not always a welcomed guest. But the beauty lies right there in the “wait”. It’s where characters are built, desires are purified, and strengths are perfected. In a spiritual sense, one would realize that staying in the Lord’s presence is the only option there is. This is true especially when all of our strongholds prove to be unreliable.

When we’re stripped of everything we’ve accumulated in this world, from where do we draw our worth?

Then there’s Trust.

Though trust in ourselves and in other people may fail us, it’s still worth giving. After all, you will never know how reliable it is if you never tried. Trust in God, a higher consciousness, the highest good or Being, the universe, however that translates to you, is indispensable. Without trust, there can be no hope or a reason, enough to move forward.

As we get old, we realize that there are only a handful of things that are within our control. It’s easy to throw in the towel and say, “I’m done”. But for every person who said “I can’t do it”, is another who made it happen.

I believe, following the example of Mary of Magdala would take us to higher ground.

We don’t have to be fixated on the outcome. 


A wise woman once said, “Do your best with what’s in front of you and leave the rest to the powers above you”. 

Take action on what’s up to you, and let go of what’s not. It’s that simple.

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