Who Took Your Smile Away?

We are always bound to move forward until we no longer can.

I woke up this morning with my mind feeling a little bit foggy. Is it just a case of insufficient sleep or perhaps consecutive weeks of doing serious work? Talk about eyebrows and lips making more concave than convex shapes. I realized I haven’t smiled for days. Why have I been so serious and easily annoyed as of late?

Whose fault is it?

For a minute, I wanted to blame it on the weather and the virus that’s sweeping across the globe at the time of this writing. I miss the days when you and I can go outside without so much fear. It feels such a long time ago, but back then we were freely giving high fives, bear hugs, and a peck on the cheek. Right now we keep most of these affections to ourselves and the people we live with. The closer we’ve been connected through the world wide web these days, the more physically distant we’ve become from one another. Quite ironic, isn’t it? I wonder how much longer can we go on and how things would feel when normalcy is restored. 

On second thought, perhaps we may be waiting in vain. Maybe the challenge now is to think of new ways to express our affections, similar to how we think of new ways to financially support ourselves considering the state of the global economy. We’re back on the survival wheel.

What’s wrong?

The extreme focus on just surviving leaves no room for joy, peace, and rest. I saw a quote one day saying, “Pray like everything is up to God, and work like everything is up to you”. I guess we always forget about the first line. We forget that there is a time for everything. Eventually, the scale tips to one side and stays there quite long until we feel our hands and body becoming depleted and worn out.  

  • We toil and never leave room to recover.  
  • We worry about tomorrow and miss out on today.  
  • We count more problems than the blessings we get.  
  • We’re anxious about what could go wrong and less enthusiastic about what could go right.  
  • We bury ourselves in a hole and forget about one basic thing to do to live. That is, to breathe.

Seeking for Answers

I got myself a cup of coffee, gently stirring it while looking outside my window. Oh yes, I miss the “old days”. But those days are gone. It’s time to go out there, live again, be cautious but become less fearful. The world won’t stop revolving. We are always bound to move forward until we no longer can. And to carry on with our whole being still intact means we need to take care of all our needs, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and make sure all aspects of our lives are supporting each other and supporting us. After all, we cannot just lean on our work for survival, identity, and sense of purpose. The risk is if we do and if at one point that stronghold breaks or comes to a temporary halt, we might lose our sense of being.  

I am aware that not everybody can relate. Our circumstances might be a little different. But putting all our energy in one basket might not be sustainable and will do us harm in the long run. Just like a racing car needs a pit stop for refueling, changing tires, adjusting some mechanical parts, or doing repairs, we too need to take a pause and look at which aspect of our lives needs refueling, changing, adjusting, or repairing. We should do this if we intend to finish the race strong and hence, victorious.  

More than anything, I am preaching to myself. Who knows, this little respite might just be what I need to afford a smile and enjoy this cup of coffee. Life is still good. It just is.

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