A Hero’s Journey

“I envy those who have it easy. You know. They could have everything they want. They don’t suffer much. They don’t endure the pain of grief, want, or loneliness. They get enough sleep. They never have to work hard. Sometimes I think my life was a mistake. That I can’t be somebody, at least somebody that someone wants or proud to have. Why am I even here”?

I can feel her pain while she was typing these words.

In the West, this would be called therapy.

But in Asia where I come from, it’s just another conversation with a friend or a confidant. Sometimes when we just allow ourselves few minutes to be us without having to project who we should be, our hearts begin to talk. Masks off, pretensions given up, defenses down. 

When we are going through pain, our body just longs for a rescue, if not, an escape. We look around and see that the world is still turning as it should. It doesn’t stop just because we’re hurt. Other people look happy and content, and some are having the time of their life. But I tell you, it just seems that way.  

Each one of us is and ought to be doing the best we could. The only other way is giving up.

You’ll see that when we give up, we suffer more. But when we rise after every fall, even if we lose, we lose fighting, and to me, that changes the whole story.

We are all fascinated with a hero’s journey.  

Think about Harry Potter or Frodo. We love it because we see something in them that somehow echoes our own joys, adventures, struggles, and desires. We love the story’s ending all the more because we too wish to have the same victory and triumph in our lives. You and I have our own cross to carry just like Frodo’s ring, or an enemy to defeat like Harry’s Voldemort. The only difference is, Harry and Frodo’s story is a fantasy, while ours, is a reality. 

Reality bites. 

It stings even more than the fantasies we see in movies or read about in books. But this reality is your life and it is worth living and fighting for, more than any other story. You’re the only one who can be the hero of your own life. Nobody can steal that role. No one is more fitting to play that part other than you.

Whenever you’re tempted to look at other people’s lives, don’t. You don’t know what they’re going through, the sacrifices they had to make, the “ask” that they needed to heed. Fame and fortune are empty shells. The real treasure lies in your capacity to build and rebuild. We all have potential. We just need to start owning it and make something out of it.

Lastly, you being here and alive is not a mistake. Order was created in the Universe, it’s never chaos. Nevertheless, if you’re still inclined to believe that you are a mistake, think about a hero’s ending that you can create with that. Do you see it? Now go and make it happen.

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