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I have been putting my dreams aside, and I know it’s got to stop.

If you’ve known me close enough you would have figured out by now that I’m in love with writing, I’m captivated by music, and I’m shaped to lift people up.

Like most of you, I’ve always wanted to do something more with my craft and expand my contribution to the entire universe. Years passed. My life happened and I got stuck at day dreaming and indecision, until I got tired-  tired of waiting for that perfect time and that perfect opportunity.  So today, this is me changing the course of my life story!

I don’t know how far this writing’s gonna get in time and space, but I hope that it reaches you—

You who have put your dreams aside because you thought it can always wait.

You who have been caught up in the daily grind and pursued things other than your  life’s meaning and purpose.

You who have struggled to put out that fire that used to burn inside your very core.

For the longest time we have made a great disservice to ourselves and right now it has to end. You and I know that we are meant to live the life we are called for. We have been bestowed with so much gift, talent, uniqueness, passion and time, to fill a need in the universe that only we can do.

So today, my challenge for you is this:

Say enough to excuses and start living your life the way you were meant to!

This blog is for all the women out there, the stranded, the discouraged, the shy, the voiceless, the introverts, the self-branded nobodies.

To all of you who once viewed the world with a burning desire:

to create

to contribute

to make a difference

to live passionately

to embrace and share your uniqueness and your gift,

It’s time to step out and heed your true calling, your ordained destiny, and give your miracle to the world!

Never mind what has passed. As author Barbara Sher once said, “It’s only too late if you don’t start now!”.

7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Been reading your entries every now and then. It feels weird that you are all so grown up now. I still imagine you as this teenage wiz kid. But time does fly too fast.

  2. awkwardasianfemale – I am the first generation Asian and live in the Midwest – yes, that means there is only a handful of us here. My parents moved to Ohio later in the life and therefore their English was not very good. I grew up speaking Cantonese and English at school so you can say English is my second language. What you do not know scares you – my parents did not know how society work here in the US, which inevitably means I am pretty sheltered growing up. I basically had to learn everything the hard way and self discovery was an interesting journey. I know its cliché, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I got my PhD in Engineering but my training was in toxicology and cell biology so that sentence screams awkward and identity crisis. I have a husband that we are working really hard to grow together and to understand each other and we have 3 children (is the world playing a joke on me? We had the hardest time trying to get ONE child and then we now have three. Not complaining but three is a lot and they are back to back (18 months apart). Bottom Line: Awkward: Asian in midwest, sheltered life, did not know much about American culture even though I was born here, aging parents that sacrificed everything for me, PhD, engineering/biology brain, mother of three and not very motherly, ……. the list goes on. Ask: Please help me with life
    awkwardasianfemale says:

    Finally going to crave some time out of my life and start blogging again! Perfect post for me to land on and read to get motivated.

  3. positivesideofcoin – Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill I believe that life is beautiful,one should enjoy it and stay positive. This blog is about being positive and curious about mystery of mankind. Someone truly said expand your thoughts and you will enlarge your world. Follow this blog to see positive side of every aspect. It's about encouraging people to try out new pattern of thinking. Little about myself, With Ten years of experience as Television Producer, I started my career as an independent documentary filmmaker...I worked in television industry for decade....took break from industry when I delivered baby in 2015. One fine day I thought to write letter to my husband in which I wrote him how I see life....in the evening when he came home and instead of discussing letter part he asked me to start writing...as he thought I can express myself more in writing rather then as person. I thought blogging is out of box idea... The truth is, cheesy as it sounds, the internet has changed our lives. And now I can share my thoughts with whole world :)
    positivesideofcoin says:

    All the best, keep writing.

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