On Getting What You Want

The subtle mistake is coming from a place of lack.

Getting what you want or achieving your goals is like chasing happiness. It becomes elusive when you run after it.

But when you start with “knowing and believing that you already have it”, it becomes possible to create. Think about a seed finally realizing its capacity to grow into a tree.

Framing our wants positively is important too.

I still hear most people unconsciously focusing on what they don’t want.

“I don’t want to die with a mountain of debt.”

‘I don’t want to lose my job.”

“I don’t want to be alone.”

These may sound harmless but if you don’t want this or that, what do you want?

To be financially independent?

To be so good in your job?

To be supportive and nourishing in your relationships?

When you use statements that clarify what you want, it turns into something you can act on. You are moving towards something instead of running away from something. Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows.

ACT. This is the most obvious clue to translate your desires into reality.

Things don’t magically appear in front of us. 

Goals don’t materialize overnight.

When we focus on our big goals, most of us either get lost in daydreaming or think, “Who am I kidding? This isn’t possible at all!”  

Well, self-fulfilling prophecies like that could work, just not in your favor.

Break it into pieces. That’s how we can tackle a goal we perceive to be huge.

Think about one thing that you can do today that supports your goal. Using the above examples you could:

  1. Think of an expense you can cut down or eliminate, then add that available money to pay off debts.
  2. Learn something that relates to your role and practice it.
  3. Put your phone down. Listen and be present when a loved one talks to you.

These may seem like small steps, but if you look closer, as you do them you’re already becoming the person you desired you would. The journey IS the destination.

Lastly, celebrate your wins, even the small ones.

Include each win on your “Wins-List” or write about it in your journal.

Why? Because these are your trophies. They are proof and reminders that if you did it once, you can do it again. You can replicate your wins.

Most people ignore daily achievements, but it’s the daily things that get you to where you want to be. As you go along, your confidence grows. You become more willing and able to take further shots in life.

When celebrating your wins, remember to include your “squad” or “people” too. They could be your loved ones, teammates, or friends.

There’s something so satisfying when you share victories with people who fully support you.


  • It gives room for positive reinforcements;
  • It gives an opportunity to acknowledge, and thank the people who’ve been with you the whole way through. 

Trust above helps you today. Create a wonderful life.


We get too hung up comparing ourselves with others in terms of “pace”- how fast or slow we move through life. And sometimes we get disappointed too when plans get “delayed”.

It has to do with how we experience time.

But think about this.

The ancient Greeks have two words for TIME.

1. Chronos – which means chronological/sequential time: the time of clocks and calendars

2. Kairos – which means a proper/ opportune time; the right time.

So whenever you catch yourself fixated on Chronos, perhaps invite Kairos in and ask, “What time is this for?”

…for deeper insights, read Ecclesiastes 3.

How God Shows Up In Not-So-Typical Ways

You don’t find God only in Church.

After three years of active community work, I’ve decided to take a break.  Coming to this conclusion is never easy. It means I won’t be able to see my favorite people on the planet, play music, lead worship or just be there to be a friend to someone.  I felt at a loss. You see, I’ve grown an attachment towards what I do and the people I do it for.  As years go by, it becomes harder and harder to let go.

When everything you do is done as a worship to God, no amount of effort, time, or resource is ever wasted. Every act becomes meaningful, every thought, significant, every breath, an offering.

An elder in the community once told me that any attachment to what’s material or can be seen, is not from God. Wherever God leads you, there’s always a mission to do. So just go and carry with you a servant’s heart.

I struggled with this idea and wanted to stay where I was. I thought, if I’m called to do something new or different, God will let me know in ways that I would clearly hear and perfectly understand.  Surely I was expecting something big to happen to move me. Something that can never go by unnoticed.  So I waited.

Then I remembered Elijah. He too waited on God. The windstorm, the earthquake, and the fire came, but God wasn’t in there. Until something unexpected came along. A gentle breeze.

As luck would have it, that’s how He came to me too.

There was no grandiose event or glorious moment. But in both ordinary places and spontaneous occasions, God gave a series of divine appointments.  

With Whom And How?

Strangers and no-strangers I bump into on regular days.

Dates with myself.

Alone time with Him. 

He showed up in places and moments I never would have expected. 

It’s amusing to know that God can surprise us like that.  I’ve never been more aware of Him than these past few days.  From, 

  • the glitter of the morning sun, 
  • the stillness of water as I walk by the lake, 
  • the scent of fresh flowers, 
  • the feel of wood in my hand, 
  • the glow of the night skies, to
  • the quietness of late afternoons,


God’s presence is so real, so tangible. It feels like I could almost touch Him.

Certainly, there is something larger than life. Something greater and significant is going on than the demands of every day.  When you quiet the noise around you, that’s when you hear it. When you wait openly and intently, that’s when you receive and fully understand it.

We never stop being with God just because we’re not inside the church or in the company of believers. He is alive in us and is with us wherever we go. We can always talk to Him and about Him, and bring Him to a friend, a stranger, a family, or to the person living next door. 


Divine appointments.  God may call you for it too.  Be ready, and when He nudges you just say yes.  No fear, no excuses, no doubts, no holding back. 




Was there a time in your life when God asked you to do something unexpected? How did that invitation go? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear your story.