Happy New Year From A Stranger

“There was a moment there when his eyes were almost red and teary. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I felt there was a glimpse of sadness, and at the same time-  a glance of reassuring hope”.- sundaewrites

The best surprise you’re ever gonna get is just around the corner, waiting to land on your hands at the perfect time! Trust me, you’re gonna love it!

Mine came in a package I never expected, but deep down I knew it’s meant for me like Somebody really had me in mind when the gift was picked, wrapped, and finally shipped for delivery.

The working hours have been cut short today. Major roads are going to be closed before dusk. People are rushing to strategic places to witness fireworks, light shows, and water shows. Phones have been ringing nonstop for restaurant and cafe bookings.  Malls are crowded with locals and tourists, and groceries, oh yes, queues are longer, trolleys are stuffed more than ever, check out scanners are beeping faster than I could even blink!

The New Year!

Yes, the last day of the year has arrived, and everybody is looking forward to greeting the new year with a bang! You hear music, and noise everywhere and almost everyone is pumped up and induced to talk louder. But for one still moment, a kind gentle voice caught my ear.

“Happy new year”, he said.

“Happy new year to you too!”, I answered back, hurriedly.

Man: “I really don’t know how to cook, but I will try. My family is coming over”.

Me: “Oh, that’s great. So what do you have in mind”.

Man: “Some potatoes, salad, some meat. How about you?”

Me: “Just bread, cheese, and chips. No cooking required”. I smiled. “So you said your family’s visiting”?

Man: “Yes, for a few days, and then they’re going back. I’ll be left alone here. It’s always work, work, work for me. How about you”?

Me: “That sounds like me too. But I made up my mind to find sort of a balance, starting next year, or tomorrow, if you may”. I’m struggling with it, but I’ll do my best.”

Man: “Read books. That’s what I do. I don’t watch tv shows, and I don’t even have a smartphone but when I read even just a few pages, I feel happy. When you get closer to knowing, and learning, it really feels good. It makes me feel good. And I have God, you know. All these are going to go away anyhow, but I have God, I’m happy and I know I’ll be happy”.

Me: “I agree. I’m a believer too”!

Man: “I know. (smiling with approval). I wish you again a happy new year!

Me: “Same to you. Can I shake your hand”?

Man: “Yes”!

He had a huge grin and even placed my hand on his forehead. I bet if he wasn’t shy at all he could have given me a hug. I know I should have. But the encounter just caught me by surprise!

Did I tell you that during this conversation we were actually at the check out counter, and my card has been rejected maybe four times? The card machine showed an error message and I had to key in my PIN every single time. That gave me like a five-minute delay.  A delay that has been purposely used by the universe for this stranger and me to talk.

There was a moment there when his eyes were almost red and teary. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I felt there was a glimpse of sadness and at the same time a glance of reassuring hope.

God’s divine appointment. I guess that was one of mine. Sometimes these appointments are disguised in disruptions.  But when I heard that kind gentle voice, I felt the sincerity of the man’s heart.  I knew then God was at work in that ordinary but magical moment. The world stood still as he and I exchanged words about our cares and sentiments, but in that small window, of time and space, we’ve given each other a genuine sense of comfort, unadulterated love and the highest form of respect one soul can give to another.

It was unexpected. I was unprepared. And the best part is, I was blessed.

A chance encounter.

A meaningful experience.

An extraordinary way to end the year.

Warmth overload.

An Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions List

Wherever you are in the world, I bet you’re counting the days to the new year and feeling excited about 2022! Despite the many struggles this year, we still have a reason to be hopeful, don’t we?

Hmm, new year’s resolution- – you thought hard about it and remembered what you had on your list when this year started. Did you stay true to your word?

In the past, I have joined most people who make a list of new year’s resolutions. My impression was that, people who keep a resolutions list make more positive changes in life. I believe most do. 

Unfortunately, the list doesn’t work for me. But, since I want to be intentional and keep things less structured for the new year, I decided to have a guiding word.

Ally Bean, just reminded me of this in her post “On The Nose: Contemplating My Goals & Word Of The Year For 2022”.

In 2021, my guiding word was “DARE.” And dare I did! From completing an NLP certification course to writing my first book (now on its way to publishing), I’d say I “braved the storm.”

There are a lot of small wins between those two events. Thanks to my guiding word, every decision I made went through one simple question every time I felt a bit unsure, “Dare?”

strong woman climbing up rocky mountain with rope
Photo by Cade Prior on Pexels.com

Keeping this word in mind made things simple. The activities I’ve signed up for took courage and guts, but it fed my curiosity and gave me a lot of satisfaction in the end.

Suddenly, my choices weren’t anymore tied to a list, instead, these were sparked by intuition. Whenever I recall my guiding word, my mind lights up, and intense energy rushes through my body making me move.

For 2022, I thought of “Resourceful” to be my new word. It’s the primary thing I’d like to be intentional about. Why? Because this year, I realized that I’ve relatively been careless in using my limited time, talent and treasure, and I want to change that going forward. As an added benefit, “Resourceful” perfectly aligns with the minimalist lifestyle I’ve been trying to adopt.

So, what would be your guiding or go-to word for 2022? If you are “not-of-a-planner” like me or unable to keep new year’s resolution based on past experiences, having this one word might do wonders for you

The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do.

Dennis Waitley

One word or not, why do we need a new year’s resolution? Well, I believe onward and upward we must go. And as we do, we keep in mind that life becomes more satisfying and meaningful when we’re “really in it.”. That means,

We show up with our highest intention and do what needs to be done in any situation- — without attaching ourselves to a specific outcome. That way, we enjoy every part and aspect of our journey— not regretting nor resisting. 


Whatever your one word is or will be, I wish you choose that which sparks an incredible amount of inspiration in you whenever you think about it. So think about that now and make your choice.

Oh, and happy new year, my dearest friend! I thought about you!